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Questions about the online degrees offered by American University For Continuing Education and their acceptability


•  What if I do not qualify for the college degree program I apply for on the basis of experience?

If your request for an experience degree package gets turned down by our evaluation faculty, you will get your money back. However, we proudly claim that our approval rate is higher than any other site providing similar accredited life experience degrees..

•  Is it possible to apply for two online college degree programs simultaneously?

Yes, you may apply for two programs through the following procedure: Apply for a program (for example, the online bachelor's degree program) through the order form available on our site. As soon as you get the approval (by our evaluation committee or by the equivalency test committee), you can fill out another order form for another program (for example, the master's program), again providing your relevant experience. Evaluation of both programs will be done on an individual basis.

•  Can I specify the year of graduation on my degree?

Yes. You can specify a past date/year of graduation on your degree. However, our evaluation committee will make sure that your life experience or formal study till that date is enough to qualify you for the degree you applied for. Please note that as per our University policy, you cannot request a future graduation date for your degree documents.

• How can I get my credentials certified?

If required by your employer or institute, we can provide services for Apostille and Embassy Legalization whenever you want. The documents will be attested and sent directly to your employer/institute.

• How can I get my degree apostilled if I am an International student?

If the country where you intend to use your documents is a member of the Hague Convention, you need an apostille service on your documents. If your country is not listed, you can avail our embassy legalization service. To benefit with the apostille service, you can either talk to our advisors via toll free or chat.

• What type of studies submitted?

All diplomas vehicle added to the equation to pass your experience professional degree
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• Are there success and failure at the end of the study tests?

There is no success and failure because they equivalency experiences but there is ascientific research provided by the student at the end of a period of study for a professional degree note that scientific research is under the supervision and follow-up to the Professors in charge of this .

• In any field can be used for these certificates?

This certificate can be used for several things:
First: in the areas of private business.
Second: to search for better opportunities or work to upgrade.
Third: it is a social interface supervisor.
Fourth, it is already gives you the experience and skills that are not limited according to the latest local and international markets requirements .

• What are the requirements for obtaining a degree of ( Bachelors , Master , Doctorate , PHD and Professor Doctor Degree )?

There is no complicated Terms, just to pass the graduate degree before any other that you can register with us doctorate in directly if you holds a master's degree even though from somewhere else, and so Bachelor degree before the Master's .
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• What is American University For Continuing Education ?

American University For Continuing Education registered and recognized by governments as its state universities for distance education system and the equation of experiences so they have the law allows the government to ratify certificates there and then approved by the governments and consulates of other countries
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• What are papers required for registration ?

Support personal identification and pictures of latest qualified scientific expertise with certificates of previous sessions and address of your email for correspondencing and two Personal Photos and phone number .

• I want to get approval to join you?

You can get approval to join with us through Authorized Dealers or send your paper on .

• Can I present ascientific research support through you?

Yes, you can presenting scientific research depends on your experience and has a separate extensions , Contact with our agents to get more informations .

• What is the system used to Occupational study ?

It is a system of credit hours for online degree .

• Are these degrees belonging to the higher education system?

No, it's occupational